Monday, February 19, 2007

Trading Spaces

I totally feel like I have been on Trading Spaces the past two days. It is so amazing what just a few new things can do to your house!! First, I added some cute hanging "shelves" and "rack" things along with a picture. That changed the whole feel of my kitchen.-- It is finally finished! The only I would love is under cabinet lighting... but that can wait until whenever. (& Ryan wants me to get a new computer that has tv and radio and everything built in-- again, can wait!!) -- however, the more he talked about it the more I thought "How have I lived 26 years without that?? :) hehe.

Then, I ordered these vinyl letter things from a lady in town.--- THEY ARE GREAT!! I saw them online and had to have them-- thankfully Kim saved the day and gave me a lady here in town who did them for less than half price-- and I got them in 1 day. She does ship for those of you who are liking them. She does any fonts, any words, anything! I am ordering more for Reese and Hallie's Rooms. The best part when you are done with them you use a hair dryer and they come right off. SO FUN!! (now I know where Hallie gets her love for stickers) I can't stop thinking "what next??"

Sorry the pictures aren't great... they wouldn't reflect if I would wait until we have sunlight and turnoff my flash, but I can't wait that long to show everyone!!

Yipee! I just want to hang out in my kitchen all night (working on my computer... not cooking of course). But then I have to keep leaving so I can walk past my walls! So fun, had to share. -- the little things in life.

2 friends had to say...:

The Lansinks said...

I LOVE this concept!!! Very cute and trendy!!! When I get a house I will have to copy you!!!!

K'Lyn said...

Hey Candi! I found your blog on Christi's! Anway, I love your wall art! Does she have a website?! I'm trying decorate our new house and I'd love to do some quotes! Send me a message on myspace!