Friday, September 17, 2010

Creative Escape 2010

I took a little trip to AZ for the annual Creative Escape hosted by Heidi Swapp and Bazzill.  It is always a blast!!  It is 3 days of non stop creativity!!  I am so in my element there and love all the girl talk and creative goodness!! It is a chance to catch up with friends from past years (thank goodness for Facebook to stay in contact throughout the year) and make new friends!!

Here are the highlights:
Miss Heidi Swapp-- amazing!! I love her beautiful projects, her tearful presentations, and of course her spunky cute self :)

A little shopping excursion to the cutest vintage and scrapbooking shops!! 
My amazing roommates!  Marissa, Vicki, and Ashley (from FL)  We had a great time in classes, shopping, searching for food {wink} and watching youtube until our sides hurt from laughter.  I can't wait to see them again next year!!  Thanks ladies for the FUN week!!

Meet Shye...  This is an acquaintance last year, turned Facebook friend, turned friend :)  She is so fun and so thoughtful!  Not to mention adorable!  {and did I mention she makes the BEST sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting???  or cupcakes in a jar???} 
Pam Black- Taught a wonderful project in just my color scheme, with some favorite paper lines that fit just perfect in my living room!  She was a drill sgt in class and pushed us to finish (which I LOVED).  I get so excited when we leave class with a complete project!!
Claudine Hellmuth is a fantastic artist.  She is  painter and does beautiful work... just not my kind of thing.  However, she taught a "technique" class and it was very interesting.  Maybe something I will use down the road??? 
Jessica Sprague teaches Photoshop.  Do I need to repeat??  She teaches Photoshop and it is in such an understandable way that it is a breeze.  Can't wait to take more of her classes online!
Margie Romney-Aslett ... oh my heck!  She is so funny!  I was laughing harder than I could concentrate in her class.  We made a super cool necklace that I can't wait to finish and share with you all!  I am hoping to make it to see her again at Spark sometime soon!  
Maggie Holmes is a photographer.  Her class was based on photography.  I was a little to "basic" for me, but it was so fun seeing how colorful her photos are!  She incorporates a LOT of color, and I love it!  We also made a cute little book for storing pics!
House of 3 girls.... always having a great time!!

Trisha Ladouceur is a Canadiam artist.  Her projects are so complex and layer after layer they are gorgeous... but I am afraid mine will never be completed :(  I wish we would have gone a bit faster and gotten more done in class.  But is is an amazing project!!!

This is Miss Barb... my paintcan swap partner!  She is amazing :)

This is Jilly!  She is a Texan with spunk!  I was in a constant laugh around her.  I am excited to have met her and to continue our friendship... I hope she makes it again next year.  Listen here Jilly.... pull yourself up by your bootstraps, yank on your big girl panties and suck it up... get back to AZ!!  {snap}

Mr. Echo Park... I was so happy to get my Echo Park fill while shopping the Scrapbooks Etc. stores!!  It is so dang cute, I can't wait to use it!  
Mr. Bazzill... thank you for continuing to host Creative Escape!!!  {and of course for the warehouse sale!!!!}
Last, but not least (not sure why this teacher picture slipped to the bottom??)  This is Teresa Collins.  She is so fun to take classes from.  We talk about "normal" stuff (ya know, like glitter toes and her girls and family) while making a fabulous mini book!!  I can't wait to continue to take more classes from her!  

I will post more details and project pictures as I get them done!  So be on the look out for Creative Escape 2011 details, and if you are thinking about it get on the lottery... this will be their last year, and it will be BIG!

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The Hamann Family said...

looks like another FUN trip!! :) Glad you had a great time!

Amy Walter said...

Looks like you had a blast and I must say that you look super cute in all the pix!