Friday, September 17, 2010

Circus Time!!

I love the circus!  I have ever since I was little.  Each year it comes to the quad cities... so each year we try to go... we missed last year, but made a point to get there this year.  The girls were in awe the whole time!  Grandma Carmel got us "celebrity seating" so for part of the circus we got to go right down in the ring.  So fun!  Thanks Grandma for a FUN night!  {Hallie's favorite part was obviously the elephants and tigers... she took 80 pictures of just those two acts!  I love passing off my camera to get her point of view.  She thought the elephants holding tails was the cutest thing ever, and we have the pictures to prove it!!}

3 friends had to say...:

The Hamann Family said...

Looks like FUN!! The circus is GREAT!! :) Cute pics of everyone!!

Carmel said...

Love the circus! And the awe of Hallie, Reese and Piper experiencing it. Had a great time, love you guys!!!

Amy Walter said...

The circus is so much fun and how sweet that you have started a great tradition of going with the family. Love all the pictures!