Monday, January 28, 2008

Ear infections, pink eye & thrush... oh my

So I finally got the girls (well really just Reese and the dr looked at Hallie, too) into the doctor today. Miss Reese has ear infection in both ears and pink eye. Hallie has pink eye and thrush on her tongue. So another $85 in prescriptions later... (I am totally moving to Canada!!) They should be feeling better in about 2 days. Of course I couldn't blog without pictures... so here are few I just snapped of them reading books before bed.

(doesn't Reese look miserable?)

*Sorry to everyone I still need to call and e-mail back, I've been busy cuddling my girls back to health!

3 friends had to say...:

Anonymous said...

I thought it looked like Reese had pink eye.
Don't forget to change out Hallie's toothbrush because of the Thrush.
katie :)

Sara said...

Sorry to hear about the sick kids. That is no fun! Hopefully the meds work well and fast!

The Ladwig's said...

Poor Reese, you can really tell she doesn't feel good. Hopefully they both get better VERY fast.