Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hannah Highlights

While visiting Grandma Carmel we went to the Miley Cyrus concert. My girls still think of her as Hannah Montana, too... but judging by the concert she is really trying to get away from the "disney" girl. Her brother's band "Metro Station" was the opening band... hmmmmm, pretty sure this will be their only tour... not so much a fan. {but the girls were up on their feet... so all is good} It was a fun concert and we all had a great time. {she has great costumes!! and fun "rides"} Here are a few highlights...
{Metro Station}
{Miss Miley!!!}

Now we are hooked on the Hoedown Throwdown!!! You can learn it here:

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The Hamann Family said...

looks fun!! :) I love Miley and Hannah! :)