Monday, October 26, 2009

Who are we???

This Sunday the girls had their Apex Open House. This was a chance for them to perform before their first competition on SUNDAY!! The girls are super excited... I gotta admit, I'm a little nervous! They were so cute!! I know this little Frenzy team will do so good!! :)

Here's the video, sorry for the crazy camera lady... I was trying to watch them not through the camera!

Sorry... I have been trying to upload the video and it won't upload!! I have tried twice and it just keeps thinking for hours... literally hours. Hopefully I will get a video this weekend and I will be able to share. They are so dang cute :)

6 friends had to say...:

Amy said...

Cute - can't wait for the video! Hope you got the shirts done!

Jodi Lansink said...


Carmel said...

How cute is that. Looks like Reese's bow is weighing her head down :-(

The Hamann Family said...

cute cute cute... can't wiat to see the video! Not like I haven't seen the cheers performed a few times in person! hehehe!

Ashleigh Dillin said...


Kim said...

I agree with Carmel and reese's hairbow
btw..i have her imagination movers hairbow
apex is here!
go firenzy!