Monday, June 29, 2009

Heritage Days 2009

Here is a little taste of our weekend...
Friday we went to a party with my graduating class (and lots of others...) They has a live band, lots of fun and even a goat!! (He was so cute, but it was too dark to get his pic!)

Here's Jodi and Katie ;)
Our girls "camped out" at Grandma and Papa's.
Hallie was so excited to play with the other Ladwig girls!! Here are the 5 year olds... Hallie and Kya
Reese won the cute baby contest for 24-36mos!!
I'm thinking Miss Piper is pretty cute, too :)
These girls are going to be TROUBLE!!! They ran around the carnival like they owned the place! They were doing cheers and yelling woo-woo announcing themselves as... "Crazy Girls!"
Crazy Girls Roll Call: Hallie (my daughter), Kya (Christi's), Ellie (Jodi's), & Kiera (Christi's)
Saturday was my 10 year class reunion. Here are the classmates that came.
I have lots more to post from Saturday night... later! :)

4 friends had to say...:

Carmel said...

Thanks for the sneak peak!!

Jodi Lansink said...

We had a great weekend! We need to get together more often---no excuses when we only live a couple hours apart! Maybe you need to have a POOL PARTY sometime this summer!?!?! :)

Lynn said...

looks like sooo much fun!!

Amy said...

Love all the pix Candi - and as I said on Jodi's blog - I LOVE the picture of Christi, Jodi and your girls together - so cute. I think it's great that they are all growing up to be such close and good friends just like their Mommies!