Saturday, March 19, 2011

One year ago....

One year ago we were having a snowstorm. One year ago my house was filled with 6 year olds for Hallie's birthday sleepover. And one year ago Ryan called me to tell me they were flying Reese up to Mayo. About this time last year Reese and I were riding in the jet headed to a hospital we prayed would have the answers.

We arrived in Rochester and Reese went through a lot of ups and downs... But each down lead us down another path towards the right neurologist who eventually would run the right tests and ask the right questions to get Reese the treatment she needed.

Two weeks after Reese a family friend's daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor. This week Makayla (also four) passed away. I am humbled that our prayers were answered and our year with Reese has been nothing but improvements. And we thank everyone for all of your prayers.

Thank you all for the poptabs that keep coming in :) They are a daily reminder to us of all the families fighting for their children's health. Keep them coming!!

Here's to another awesome year :)

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5 friends had to say...:

The Hamann Family said...

thinking of you all..... sending hugs and prayers your way ALWAYS! So thankful for little Reesey and all of you! :) Love ya!

Jodi Lansink said...

Gives me goosebumps!! So hard to believe that was a year ago...and look at her now! A huge testiment to all of us, and look at what the power of prayer can do!

Reese is and always will be an inspiration to us! Can't wait to see all the things she has yet to accomplish!

And I keep saving my poptabs!!

tricia said...

Way to go, Apex! That's alot of pop tabs. And Reesey, words can not describe you. I know when God was molding you, He had special plans for you and every life that you touch on your journey through life. Just look how many lives you have already touched. We hope you enjoy your Imagination Movers concert! Blessings Always!

Patty said...

Candi your courage,determination and strength are amazing- Reese has gotten that from you. She is a winner just like her mother. I give thanks for Reese and for her continuing improvement. I celebrate this milestone day with you.

Amy Walter said...

Such an amazing story...she truly is a fighter and lots of prayers have helped too I'm sure. Like Jodi said - she is an inspiration to all of us and it will be wonderful to see what God has planned for her to accomplish in her lifetime.

Also - that is a whole lot of pop tabs - awesome!