Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring break 2011

As you saw, the girls made a checklist for Spring break 2011... and the checked each one off!!
These are not chronological... they are in the order the girls listed them...
1- Great Wolf Lodge, Kansas City... Check!

2- Feed the geese & ducks... CHECK

3- Go to the park... CHECK
(we made it to 3 parks... all within walking distance of our house!)

4- Go shopping... CHECK
(We went to the mall, pet store & for ice cream and this is the only pic I took, ugh)

5- Read books... CHECK

6- Play babies... CHECK (DOUBLE CHECK)
No pics :(

7-Go to Movers concert...CHECK

Front row, after party, meet the Movers & Nina... oh yea... CHECK

8- Get Bentley, Bun-Bun & Goldie treats... CHECK
(No pics... but had a fun visit to Petsmart & Petco)

9- Incredible Pizza... CHECK

10- Go to Backyard Adventures (invite Gabby & Delaney)... CHECK

11- Go get ice cream @ Cold Stone... CHECK (times 4... hey, no judging, it was spring break!!  hehehe)

(not a single picture... but I got a pic at TRex!!  so here's that!)

12- Get pedicures!! (at Scoops Kidspa)... CHECK

14- Cheer @ Nationals!
Hallie later added 1st place... well, we said we would check them all off, so... CHECK!

And that is how the Ladwigs did Spring Break 2011!! :)
I will post more pics about some of the major ones... and more pics of other things we did on break that weren't on the list... but this post is super long!!  Good night all, can't wait for SUMMER!!!!

4 friends had to say...:

tricia said...

NOW, that's my idea of a Spring Break.

Amy Walter said...

What a great Spring Break - I think it's cute that they made out the list ahead of time and that you were able to check off each item!

K'Lyn Uhl said...

Great Wolf is awesome! I can't wait to take Addison there some day! How did you fit all of this into one week?!

By the way...your girls are gorgeous! They are getting so big! It can't be possible for you to have a 7 year old! Seems like just yesterday we were crabbing at Mr. Mohwinkle during track practice!

Colleen said...

Wow, looks like you had an awesome spring break. Congrats on 1st place at Nationals, can't wait to see the high school cheer pictures that you will be posting in a few years.