Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Paula Sands Live-- 100th post

Hello, yesterday Kelly (the owner from Scrapaganza) was on Paula Sands Live and featured weddings. I had made a page with Ryan & I's picture and it is shown a few times. Also, made a little book with the girls and I on the cover, a circle book (above and to the right of the page) and a green card with a flower on it (Kelly shows) Check it out. It is right after the Food Guy. Start watching when Paula is sitting in a chair after talking with the chef. Kinda fun, just thought I'd share. Click here for the link.

Also, just incase you were wondering this is my 100th post!!! (little mini celebration!!)

3 friends had to say...:

Becky said...

You're becoming a celebrity in the Scrap book scene - I just wish the crafty thing was hereditary! Love you!

Kim Garner said...

How did you know this was your 100th post? Do I need a counter on my blog? YOu are so savvy! Need to go watch the PS show...missed it again yesterday

The Lansinks said...

Cool Cool! The Ladwig's are all celebrities I guess!