Wednesday, December 31, 2008

From Christmas Eve to New Year's Eve

Wow!!! Time is FLYING! Sorry I haven't updated since the 24th... here is what we have done...
1. Made cookies for Santa. (He LOVES frosting!)

3. Played in the snow

4. Celebrated Christmas Day in our jammies!!
5. Agatha (my older sister) and Jeremy (her husband) visited!! Thanks for the GREAT book, "Hello, cupcake". We can't wait to make some! They look so fun!

6. Celebrated with the Bolles Family.

7. Slumber Party! We like to have slumber parties when Ryan is out of town. This time we hit up Build a Bear and came home to watch Harriet the Spy. (an older movie... the girl reminds me of Hallie!!)
This is for you, Daddy... Hallie really misses Ryan when we is gone overnight! This time I stopped the tears by having her color him a picture, she asked I post on the blog for him.

7 friends had to say...:

Christi said...

Looks like you have been very busy having lots of fun!!! We miss you guys!

Penny Smith said...

OK, I'll comment... :)

OK, go take a picture! Project 365, here we go!!

The Hamann Family said...

Busy busy busy!! :) Love the picture of the girls all in their jammies!! How sweet! :) Sounds like you had a busy, but exciting holiday season! Good to see you guys the other day!!! We need to get together again soon! Happy New Year!!! :)

tricia said...

The cookies look yummy, the PJs snuggly, and the picture for Daddy is priceless! Happy New Year!!

Penny Smith said...

OK you! POTD pictures! We're on day 2 now!!! What was your Day 1 picture!!

Sara said...

The PJ's picture is really cute! Looks like Santa had some yummy cookies when stopping by your house!

jess said...

Looks like fun. Oh and just so you know you skipped number 2 in your list.