Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November 1st

Once again we packed as much as we possibly could into one weekend!! Friday Penny came to stay (we were teaching at the Get Inspired Workshop) & Ron and Tricia came down. Penny, my mom and I went and checked out the latest at Archiever's :) {always fun!!} Ryan, Ron, Tricia and the girls met up with Ross' family for supper and playtime.

Saturday Hallie had her "Big Sister" class at the hospital. She was so excited to see "real babies"!! They learned all about having a new baby at the house, got to practice with dolls, and took the tour of the maternity ward. (Reese wasn't quite old enough for the class)

I taught two classes at the Get Inspired Crop at the 7 Flags Event Center here in Des Moines. It was fun meeting other creative women!
I got Hallie and Reese these t-shirts :)

Of course there is a Hallie story to go with it!!
I handed her the shirt...
"What's it say?"
"Scrapper In Training"
"I already know how to scrapbook!"
{She was like offended I was saying she is just in training!!}
Sunday morning we headed off to MN for an Ikea shopping trip.... but that's another post :)

3 friends had to say...:

Hamann Family Blog said...

Wow... BUSY BUSY BUSY!!! Love the shirts! :) What a fun idea for Hallie to go to a big sister class! You better slow down and get rested before baby #3 gets here!!! :) - you are gonna be one exhausted girl!

Amy said...

Wow - you were busy! That's really neat that Hallie got to take a big sister class - I'm sure that will come in handy (not that she isn't already a great big sister!!!)

Love the shirts - that's funny that she was offended with the "in training"

Jodi Lansink said...

LOVE the shirts!!!

That is awesome Hallie can take a big sister class!