Saturday, November 15, 2008

House Updates!!!

Okay, just to keep you all happy I took some pictures of some house progress!! (the lighting isn't great 'cause it's dark, but you get the idea until I do my promised video tour... coming soon!!)
I got the vinyl above my scrap desk!!! It is huge, and I love it!!! Thanks, Jodi, you did a great job! (click on it so you can see all the CUTE fonts!!) She is having a Holiday sale right now on her blog!

Hallie & Reese's Room:

Here are the wall colors, up close.

The nursery is all ready for baby to come! (Yes, the bag is packed now)

(the valance I made like a tutu)
The Girls' bathroom...
The saying says "Squeaky clean bubble queens" It is hard to get a good picture of it. I still have three towel hooks to hang below this for the pink towels :)
I am not sure what the heck the reflection on the wall is... but it is all painted... the picture just turned out funny???
We got the tiles replaced in the master bath on the wall and around the tub, and tore out the carpet and tiled the bathroom {even heated for those COLD winter mornings!!}... (also, the shower got replaced and the tub faucet)

Gotta love Ikea...
Here is our new dinette set:
(like the insulation and stuff in the soon-to-be-sun room???)
This is on our wall in the living room. DON'T LAUGH... I know they are all crooked!!! Every time there is hammering or banging in the basement, and today in the upstairs they all go crazy!! I need to get that Earthquake Puddy my mom talks about!! But I wanted to show you some updates :) The shadow boxes are little mini scrapbook layouts I am going to switch out every couple of months. I am going to switch them to Christmas layouts for December, snow for January and February, and so on.... There will also be some switching when baby #3 comes :)
Shadow boxes:

Here is a quick little thing I made for a wall I didn't know what to do with...
(I just covered canvases with paper, a few paper embellishments, and painted the canvas sides... For those scrappers that wonder I used Crate Paper.
So this week we....
*Got new carpet in the entire upstairs and stairs
*Got tile work finished in master bathroom, girls' bathroom, 1/2 bath, and basement bathroom.
*Got basement textured, primed, and first-coat painted.
*Got MOST of the trim work done in basement.
*Got new windows in basement.
*Hung vinyl in scrap room and girls' bath.
*Hung curtains in front room and nursery.
*Put pictures in living room frames.
I am sure that were more things... but gosh, that's enough to blog about for now!! Soon it will all be done... and our little baby will be here! I think "she" is waiting to come for us to calm down!! I will keep you all posted on any family changes!! :)
Happy Fall!

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Mindy said...

Your house is looking cute! Baby's room is adorable and ready! Anyway question on the bunk beds -- where'd you get them? We're in the market and we're putting 4 kids in one room --definitely need space savers. I could almost get away with the ones you have since it looks like there's a trundle underneath. Let me know, thanks!

Penny Smith said...

I have those Ikea chairs! Martha Stewart table though. :)

OK, I am SO surprised you didn't have like a pink bathroom with like glitter letters or something! :)

I'm glad your house is getting there! Any day now, huh??

Hope you have a easy birth.

Now train that hubby of your to get the older two to sleep!! :) You'll have your hands full enough with a new one!

Look forward to seeing "Piper in a diaper". :) (Kim told me about that rhyme her sister was tortured with. :) )

Our siding is done, and the front stairs and sidewalk in, but I was so mad that they didn't have the right shutters on, I didn't take a picture! :)


Jodi Lansink said...

Ok---here are all my comments!

LOVE the scrapbook room vinyl! That is by far my favorite one I have done---it was SO FUN to do!! Looks great!!!

The nursery looks adorbale! Very cute curtains! Just needs a cute little baby to complete the room!!!!

Hallie and Reese's room also looks ADORABLE! Almost makes me want to put my girls together with bunk beds----think if all the fun they will have!!!!

The rest of your house is looking amazing also! You are such a cute decorator!!!!

I am sure I have more to say---but that is all I can remember!

Can't wait to hear some news soon!!!

Anonymous said...

hey busy lady, your house is looking great..I cant believe u have all that glad all is well...keep us posted when that baby comes ;)

art said...

WOW!!!!!! Everything looks FABULOUS! Glad to see pics in the frames... hehe! I still feel bad about Parker breaking one! LOVE the curtains in the baby's room! :) I know I have told you already, but the vinyl in your scrap room is AMAZING... my FAVORITE!! :) You should be all set now to have that baby... you have been so busy (getting your "nesting" out of the way)!!! Love all of the pics!! :)

Amy said...

Wow!!!! Your house is looking great Candi! I'm sure I won't remember everything but ... love the tile in your master bath - bet you're glad to have that instead of the carpet, Hallie and Reese's room looks so cute and how fun for them with the bunk beds - love the nursery, it's adorable - bet you just can't wait for baby #3 to come so she can be in there! Your vinyl letters from Jodi are really cool - love the design!!! I like all of your decorations with the pictures you made and the photos - everything is looking great!!!!

Tina said...

might have helped to add a name to my comment.....duh

have a good day :)

Sasha said...

Awesome pics. Good Luck with baby..congrats early


ckmom78 said...

love how you have decorated, your vinyl pieces are fantastic! Clever idea with the shadowbox/scrapbook pages