Thursday, November 6, 2008

Vinyl & Screen Update

I have gotten some really great vinyl. They are all really large, and lots of fun!! I got the tree from Cathey and the rest from Jodi. (be sure to click on their names to visit their blogs!) I didn't really want to post yet, since I don't have the whole house done... but here is a little peek :)

This is in our front room:

This is my "Coat Tree". I am stilling looking for some straight pegs to add to it for coats to hang on.

The nursery... (I still need to make the curtains... so I am only showing one wall.)
The polka dots and quote are both vinyl.

In the kitchen...
I had got this for my mom and loved it. So now I have a perfect spot for it!
*UMMMMM, guess I didn't take a picture... that will be in the next update.

Our Front door...
Lori gave me this CUTE turkey as a housewarming gift!! :) {Thanks a bunch!!!} I added the vinyl to "fill up" the rest of the door. It says "Give Thanks" You can see it REALLY good against my black door, but it photographs horrible!! I am going to try and take another picture tonight after dark, hoping I won't get so much reflection. In the meantime, you'll just have to take my word... it's cute :) {I am doing something simular for Christmas}

I have two other BIG vinyls to put up... one I am SUPER excited about (well the other one, too.... but one is going in my scraproom!!!) Look for updates SOON!!!

Basement: The guys are having a "fiesta" down there right now!! The music piping out from the basement is KILLING ME!! It is like a Mexican Restaurant all day here!! :) And we don't even get chips and salsa!! :) Okay, really.... they are taping and mudding the drywall today!! It is really looking like rooms and stuff now!

Sunroom: Well, Thank you Gilcrest for ordering in the WRONG color windows!!!! We are now at a stand still until about Nov. 14th-- so we can get in the white windows!! In the meantime, Ross shingled and did all he could, but now we wait.

House: We are recarpeting and tiling the whole house. They started with the tiling. Our Master bath is out of commission. They tore out the tub and shower-- which won't be put back until the end of next week. They should be done tiling the other bath and the 1/2 bath by next week, too. Then they will be starting the carpeting.

Did I mention I am due in 2 weeks? I am exactly 38 weeks today. Infact, headed off to the doctor right now....

8 friends had to say...:

Angela said...

That nursery is the polka dots and the word art too...can't wait to see more of the finished house!

Amy said...

Dang girl! You are doing a complete overhaul on your house - can't wait to see all of the pix!

Wow - I forgot you were sooo close to having baby #3! The room is super cute - pretty soon you'll have another little angel to put in there!

Keep the pix coming!!! :-)

Jodi Lansink said...

Wow-----I am exhausted reading about everything you have going on!!!!! HEHE

The vinyl and screen looks AWESOME!!!

38 weeks?!?!?! It is getting so close---can't wait!!

Ashleigh Dillin said...

love the vinyls! The nursery is sooooo you, and very cute. And I LOVE THE TURKEY. I was just at hallmark and bought a witch like that that was 50% off! I can not wait to use it next year. So the vinyl on the door, you just peel that off after thanksgiving and throw it away? And I can not believe how soon the baby will be here!!!

Christi said...

Hopefully your little peanut is nice and cozy inside........I really hope for you guys that she doesn't decide to make a early arrival. I'm also very excited to see everything in person!

Inirus said...

Thanks for the house update; sounds like you will not have any changes until I get back :°

Hamann Family Blog said...

WOW!!! Lots going on.... hopefully baby will hold on for a bit so there won't be so much going on when she arrives! :) LOVE the vinyl with the turkey... :) I got some stuff from Jodi this weekend at the craft show! :) Everything looks GREAT as I have already told you!! :) It is looking better every time I see it! :) Thanks for posting the turkey... I will ad it to my site!~

Charlene E. said...

Love those vinyls, my walls are too bumpy for anything like that. Plus I just don't have a flair like yours for decorating.
I was wondering when the baby was coming, good luck. Have you picked out a name?