Friday, August 6, 2010


Wednesday started like any other day... Well kind of.

I woke up to a HEAVY downpour with lots of loud lightning. Next Ryan is telling me the basement is leaking... We dried as best we could, put the fan down there and went to get Hallie ready for school. Next thing we hear "no school"... The school has been flooded and without power, so school is cancelled.

Ryan headed off to work and the girls and I started cleaning!!! A few hours in I look over from my mopping and Piper is dancing on the coffee table, then... It was all slow motion... She took a step back, her foot slipped off and she bonked her face on the table. Instantly blood flowed from her nose. It was split open and looked bad. I called Ryan to come home and started loading the car. "mamma called the dr and the dr said" :) take her to the ER.

At the ER they decided not to stitch it and wait for swelling to go down to see if it is broke. Two days have passed and we don't think it is broke... And seems to be healing good.

Here are a couple pictures from Pipers fist ER visit (and hopefully last!!!!)

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Amy Walter said...

Poor thing - she looks like she was in good spirits at the ER though --- hopefully it continues to heal and get better!