Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2:00am Wednesday


It seems like a simple word... but really it is a world of possibilities :)
I {heart} Etsy.  It is all handmade goodness that everyone "needs".

Here are some of my favorites for you to check out:

These almost make me want another baby!!  (I said almost!!)

Would be perfect for my bookworm

I am in LOVE with all of these pictures!  This artist is amazing and I will be getting some very soon from her:

This whole store makes me happy!

Christmas for me????

Seriously, what a great idea!!  These pins dress up any tshirt or tank!  I need to order some!

They have covers for the older kids now!! Yipee

Here is MY bow lady :)  I love her, and she does the best bows!!  I have a bunch you haven't seen yet... waiting for football season and fall to come!!

Okay, that will get you started... and then you will be addicted just like me!

3 friends had to say...:

tricia said...

I see some Christmas possibilities on this blog! Yea!

Amy Walter said...

Love this post and loved all of your favorite Etsy sites - will def. keep coming back to your blog so I can click on these links!

Jodi Lansink said...

Great post!!! I will have to check all your sites out!!!