Tuesday, August 17, 2010

1:00 pm Tuesday

Gosh, this blogging hour by hour is making my day go REALLY fast!!

I got my orders for Creative Escape tshirt printing finalized. Can't wait... in a week (today) I will be in AZ scrapping with old friends!!
I changed 2, count 'em 1-2... poopy diapers (saved you all on those pics!) With every diaper I change I think "when is she going to be potty trained", then I remind myself she isn't even 2 yet :( I have a few more in my future!
Reesey fell asleep for her daily nap.
And our Schwan's man came. In the pouring rain :( Thank your Schwan's man today... I got groceries and didn't even have to drag my kids through the rain, then the grocery store, past the candy and junk!! Now if I could get them to start carrying milk I'd be set :)
People ask me a lot what I order from them... so here's today's:
2- 24 pack confetti ice cream cups (for Reese's birthday!!)
Buttermilk pancakes (my girls' favorite!! they even eat them without syrup!)
vanilla ice cream
a new sandwich thing... i'll let you know tonight if it was good :)
4- mac and cheese (easy and my girl beg for them)
broccoli and cheese (with my veggie coupon I saved $4!!)
Monster Cookie dough- gotta make some cookies to send to my Grandparents and these are his favorite :)

Wish I could see my FAVORITE Schwan's man today... but he will be here on Saturday and we are all VERY excited!! It has been too long since we have seen Papa and Nana!! ;) Love ya Dad!

5 friends had to say...:

Chris, Abby, Ayden, Elliott, Ashley & Evan said...

our Schwan's man comes on Monday's and came yesterday! They have such yummy stuff it is hard to pick!! I LOVE the chocolate/peanut butter ice cream!! It is SO good...but NOT good for me:( my kids love their pushups and popsicles!! I might have to try the monster cookie dough stuff, sounds delish!

Amy Walter said...

Mmmmm - Schwan's food all sounds delicious!

Jodi Lansink said...

We love when Schwans comes too! Ellie begs for Golden Nugget Bars!!

tricia said...

That Piper Kate is just the sweetest little girl with all her bows!

The Hamann Family said...

the pics of Reese and Piper are so sweet!! :)