Saturday, August 2, 2008

The fair days of summer

Our day at the fair was lots of fun! Becky and I brought the kids to see all of the animals. First was "Sparky" the fire dog! Very exciting to meet the local celebrities :)
The kids fell in love with this little cow, Ribbon. Hallie really wanted to take her home... don't think Ryan would approve if I showed up back home with a cow!
In addition to cows, horses, sheep & other farm animals they got their picture with Leroy the monkey. Also, if you give him a dollar he'd give you a picture! Pretty cute :)
They also fed this elephant and kangeroos. We spent a long time in the petting zoo tent!! (It was POURING outside!! We stayed pretty dry)
...and of course we had to take in some yummy fair food!!

4 friends had to say...:

Inirus said...

Looks like fun was had by all. That picture of Hallie and Reese wtih the monkey is adorable!!!

The Hamann's said...

looks like a great time!!! The cow was adorable... I would have to agree that Ryan might not be too keen on the idea of a cow as a pet!!! Gotta LOVE that FAIR FOOD!!!! :) hehe!
We are going to the state fair on the 8th! Hopefully the weather will hold out, it is supposed to be nicer.

tricia said...

What a fun time at the fair! Looks like they had a lot of animals!

Amy said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun! Your girls are precious!