Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Our house is coming along... one room at a time. We never thought we'd find ourselves visiting Home Depot and Lowe's so many times!!! (at least Home Depot has fun carts!!) Ryan and the girls race all around the store and out to the car!

We have been very busy inside the house- UPDATING. {since nobody has lived in the house for a few years it is in need of a paint job and fixture updates} But those pics will come later!! I will try and take some "after" pictures tomorrow.
For now those of you who are going crazy here is the front outside of the house. Ryan trimmed up the landscaping, replaced the lights, added a storm door, and repainted our front door black. He also put in new mailboxes for us and our neighbor- since theirs is in our yard.
Off to bed... we've got lots more to do tomorrow!! We are hoping to get the hallway, 1/2 bath and possibly the formal dining room/living room painted and fixtures switched out in the bathroom. Okay, that is a lot when I typed it all out... we'll see! Good night!

8 friends had to say...:

Penny Smith said...

AWWWWW, your cute flower is up!!

It doesn't LOOK that hilly there??

Great lookin' place! Can't wait to see the inside and back yard and pool pictures (I know, I am never happy! LOL!)

Give Bentley a kiss for me! :)

Penny Smith said...

OK, how is taht flower on that door? It is like a magic trick! :) I see no wires! :)

Inirus said...

WOW!! I would not have recognized the place. You are miracle workers!!! Great job. Who knew Home Depot could be so fun.

Angela said...

The new house looks great Candi...sorry I missed you're Scrapaganza going away party...btw...I tagged you on my blog, hope you don't mind!

Jodi Lansink said...

YEAH! PICTURES!!! Looks great already! The door looks wonderful--and who knew a little paint would fix a door! I might have to jump on the "paint your door" bandwagon! :) FUN!

Can't wait to see in inside----it is a lot of work, but isn't it thrilling to know what the end result will be?!?! Keep the posts coming---and then maybe I will have to plan a trip to see you soon---now that you are so close!

Ashleigh Dillin said...

ok seriously!? This place is gorgeous! I am soooo jealous! And your floor is sooo stinking cute. Please put more pictures up, its killing me!

Hamann Family Blog said...

looks great... we were so excited to see all of the changes last night!! :)

Amy said...

Your new house look so nice Candi - can't wait to see more pix!