Thursday, August 28, 2008

See ya at the circus!

Just wanted to check in...

*We got the nursery all painted & the bedding all came today!! :) So we will be setting up that room next week.

*We got the scraproom all painted!! We are going to be getting cabinets on Sunday and hopefully installed {by Ross and Ryan} Sun or Mon.

*We got the hall and a lot of the entry/stairs painted. Because of the height issue Ryan is borrowing a ladder on Sunday or Monday to finish that.

I know you guys like pictures, but you have to wait :) I will post after the rooms are put together. We are headed to Ikea in Chicago tomorrow to get more odds and ends we need. And hoping for some fun {cheap} lighting and decorations and frames and just all the extra stuff.

Also, Grandma Carmel is treating us to the circus on Saturday night for Reese's birthday! Be sure to check back after the weekend for pictures!! We look forward to the circus every year! It is so much fun and the girls LOVE getting to see everything up close! Have a fun long weekend!

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