Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cupcake Picnic

Today Ron and Tricia and the Great Ladwig grandparents came down to have lunch and cupcakes in celebration of Reese's birthday. We all enjoyed a day outside after lunch! Thanks for coming to visit!

(The Ladwig guys... Ron, Ryan,& Grandpa Melvin)

(Reese with Great Grandma Helen and Grandma Tricia)

(Reese ate like 4 cupcakes I think! least the frosting from 4!!)

(Sprinkler Time!!!)

(Reese needed a little encouragement to get through the COLD water! Daddy and Great Grandma did the trick!)

(Hi!! I was there, too!)

2 friends had to say...:

Hamann Family Blog said...

looks like fun!!! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY Reese!!! Glad the great grandparents and grandparents could all come celebrate with little Reese... that made her day extra special i am sure!

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Reese! Levi says "You should come over and watch Bob the Builder. I want you to come to my birthday, but mine won't have any girls, except maybe spider girl and mary jane." He would also like you to know about spiderman and how he kicks butt. "When it's a hot day you can come over, but on a cold day it might be too cold to play outside - unless it's snowing, then we could play in the snow." Ok, well maybe I should just have him call her - he also wants you to know Jessie had a flood - not a new one, but he just wants you to remember. "I wish you would come now so i can see how big her is and see how many pounds her is."