Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Life on Facebook

Our life is WELL documented on Facebook so the blog has become a long lost site :(
It's been so long since this poor blog has been used I don't even know where to start...
Here's the lowdown for August:
Piper was crowned Miss Iowa's Little Doll

Hallie loves school and schoolwork
 The girls were in the Iowa State Fair parade (that's Reese on the right, Hallie basing her)
We celebrated Reese's 5th birthday!!  She had a HUGE swim party with all of Madness and Frenzy, school friends and family.  Super fun night of celebrating and beautiful weather to do so :)

Reese competed in the State Fair gymnastics meet.  She was excited to get to go with Coach Jeff, and more excited to find out one of her best friends, Malia, was coming too!  Reese placed 2nd!!  Congrats girlie!!


We spent the day at the fair.  The girls love the helping hands section... where they get to do all the farming.  Piper was all about it... Reese on the other hand asked Jessie to help her, she didn't want to get dirty :)  Hallie is getting a little old for it, but stuck through it with her sisters.

And of course more celebrating when we got home!!!  The Lansinks and aunt Jess and Grandma Carmel and Papa and Grandma Ladwig spent the weekend with us.   

Then at the end of the month I headed out to AZ for the final Creative Escape.  I love creating all the projects, but most of all I will miss the fun friends I made from TX and FL.  It has been a fun tradition the past 3 years, sad to see it end.

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