Wednesday, November 9, 2011

And then there was September...

September started off like the past 4 Septembers :).... with the Ringling Brother's circus in the Quad Cities. We love this annual visit and look forward to it every year!!

We also love getting Celebrity Seating!!  How can you beat watching an amazing circus sitting on the floor with your new best friend, the clown!?!? Piper scooted down and sat right down by him not thinking anything of it :) 

The girls and I explored several parks.  They love bike rides!!  This park is about a mile from our house.

Reese started preschool.  This is her last year at Tiny Treasures.  I think she is most excited about getting to have sharing every Wednesday!! :)  She plans the next week as soon as she has shared that week!  

Hallie participated in the Urbandale Jaywalkers dance clinic.  She performed at the UHS vs Dowling game. So we also watched Claire and coach Alivia cheer :) 

Hallie and one of her best friends Haley :)

Then we ventured up to see Papa and Nana.  There was a Scarecrow Festival in a nearby town, so of course we went :)  It was a lot of fun.  There were rides, animals, face painting, crafts, and LOTS of scarecrows in the contest.  A fun day to kick off fall.

My cousin Stephanie got married so the two older girls and I went.  It was so nice visiting with everyone and the girls had a great time running around and dancing all night!

...and that folks is September.

2 friends had to say...:

Kim said...

Love the pic of the fam at the circus...and you are your sis {last one} can't wait to see you IRL


Amy Walter said...

Looks like it was great September - love the circus pix. You and Ryan look great!