Friday, January 9, 2009

Need your help...

So, most of you know my love (and addiction) to vinyl writings for my house...

After purchasing my first quote from Cathey I thought I would love to do it! But of course I didn't because I didn't want to take away from her. Then Jodi got into it, and I was really out, because I didn't want to intrude on her... Well, now I don't live by Cathey and Jodi is super busy, so.... I am starting my VINYL BUSINESS!!!! :)

I am very excited. {Of course I am nervous and anxious as well} I am also in need of a name. I would like the word Vinyl to be in it {for easy Googling reasons} I am offering the person who comes up with a name that I choose a $25 gift certificate for custom vinyl. Let's hear 'em... I know you are all very creative!!

Thanks a bunch!!

17 friends had to say...:

Carmel said...

A Vinyl a day
Vinyl while you work
Vinyl Workshop
Vinyl Candi Workshop
Vinyl express
Vinyl expressions
The world of Vinyl
Vinyl makes the world go round

Christine said...

I'm all about analgrams - that is how Cosmo Cricket was named. Try I don't know all your middle names, I tried all three girls and combinations of the girls, i tried just your name candi, but don't know your middle name, that may make a diff - the only cool one was using "ryan ladwig" ---- darling way designs. "darling way" is an analgram for ryan ladwig but you wanna give hubby all the credit? lol! i wouldn't. well, if it sounded that cute maybe?

jess said...

How about something like
Vinyl Ladwig Products
I know it sounds lame but then you could do some kind of Vinyl LP play on words or something

Christine said...

I also like "Wall Candi"

Leslie said...

Creative Vinyl
Words on Vinyl
Vinyl Memories
Vinyl Creativity
For the love of vinyl

Penny Smith said...

Everlasting Vinyl
Vinyl Venue
Vinyl Eye
Vintage Vinyl (OK, so it isn't vintage, but Cosmo Cricket, there is not Cricket in their logo. :)
Value Vinyl
Valued Vinyl
Vinyl Valet
Vinyl Valentine
Valid Vinyl
Valley Vinyl (is there "Valley" in your street, or neighborhood??)
Vanda Vinyl (Vanda's are a flower)
Vanilla {Bean} Vinyl
Vanity Vinyl
Vantage Vinyl
Varied Vinyl
Vast Vinyl
Very Vinyl
(You could do something cute like "Very Cherry Vinyl"... Just thinking)
Variety Vinyl

OK, I REALLY want this prize I think!! :)

Guess were I am going tomorrow??
The junk store! :)

Mindy said...

I was thinking something like

The Vinyl's on the Wall
(like The writing's on the wall)

I'm not as creative as all these other girls!

The Hamann Family said...

what about Vinyl Unlimited?
Candi's Vinyl Creations
I am not too creative when it comes to names?!?! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Candi's Vinyl Wall

I'm glad your doing this - I'd like to try something some time!

How are our 3 darling Grand-daughters?
Love Nana

Angela said...

I'm really bad at this stuff....but wanted to wish you well in your new venture!

HPR Vinyl (Hallie, Piper, Reese)
Vinyl Wall Words by Candi
Wordsmith Vinyl
Wall to Wall Vinyl Art

See I told you I'm not good at this!!!

Jodi Lansink said...

Sorry I got nothin! Remember I had to do a poll on my blog to find a name!? :) I think you will do great---can't wait to see your creativity put to work on vinyl!


ckmom78 said...

ooh i like Vinyl Candi (like eye candy-wall candy) Sounds fun to me!

Amy said...

That's exciting Candi - I'm sure you'll do great with it! Unfortunately, I am not creative at all but it sounds like you have had a lot of people put some good ideas in already!

Sara said...

Vinyl Treats by Candi
Candi's Vinyl Treats
I'll keep thinking...
Okay - this one may be a stretch - I wanted to include your girls...
Reesey P's Vinyl Hall

Katie Hupke said...

Here's my try -
Happi Candi Vinyl
Precious Memories Vinyl
Words to Remember Vinyl
In Style Vinyl
Three Girls Vinyl
That's all I have for now... I seem to think about it before I go to bed :)

Anonymous said...

Vinyl Etc.
Mary said

Kim said...

I got nothin'.... but I am super excited for you!
I liked...
Darling Way Vinyl
And Vinyl Candi