Sunday, June 12, 2011

May in review....

Okay I know it have been a long and busy month... so my poor blog has suffered :) Here is our May in review from my camera (I will do one from my phone perspective in just a bit)
We went to Miss Nelson is Missing at the Des Moines Playhouse... it was super cute and fun!  The girls loved it!  Next is If you Give a Mouse a Cookie... and then Junie B Jones!!

Jess and I went to the Bon Jovi concert!!!  It was super fun spending the evening with friends :) 
We celebrated Mindy's birthday before boarding the party bus.

MUD RUN 2011!!  We had a blast at the Mud Run 2011!!  My mom and I are prize driven... and when we found out that you got a medal for funning the 1 mile we quick signed up for that one too!  So we ran the 1 mile got our medal, turned around and ran the 3 mile... KILLER!!  My mom got 1st place in her age catagory!! ;)  Good job Grandma Carmel.  My sister and her friends some how managed to get as muddy as they could :)  We all had a great time!!  I will be there in 2012 for sure!

Hallie had her Dog presentation.  She studied Labs :)  She did a great job.  Public speaking is NOT an issue for this girl!  She went first in her class to break the ice for everyone.  Great job Miss Hallie!

Road Trip!!  We packed up and headed up to Papa Wayne's and Nana's for the Orange City Tulip Festival.  Fun time by all!  We went to the park, ate lots of yummy Nana food, and the girls were excited to get to go to Sunday School with them again.  Can't wait to see them again soon!

Piper was WORE OUT!!  But don't worry... she had a jumbo chocolate rabbit to perk her back up!

Reese had her end of the year picnic.  She had such great teachers and friends it was sad that  the year was over.  But we will be in touch with her friends and she will see her teachers again next year in the halls :)

Hallie's picnic was fun, too :)  We loved Mrs. Lines!  She was a wonderful teacher.  Hallie is SUPER excited to be in 2nd grade now!!! :)
{cakes in a jar}

And that my friends was our May... we are now on summer vacation and things haven't slowed down ANY!!!!  I will try to post more :)  

2 friends had to say...:

Carmel said...

Lots going on in May!!! Thanks for posting all the pictures

Jodi Lansink said...

I wish we had an "Ida Grove" Playhouse! We love all those books!

CUTE pictures, your girls are just dolls...and love Reese's giraffe dress!