Monday, August 27, 2007

Another ordinary day....

Okay, so I have so much to blog about I decided to put it all in one post. Our days are filled with so many "picture worthy" moments my camera is practically smoking by time the girls go to bed!! :) I love taking pictures (as you all know by now) and so many of the things that happen in our day don't make the blog, because they are just the ordinary things of our day. So, today I am sharing some favorites from my past week... Here we go (in no particular order)-- all pictures can be clicked on to see larger.

This week Hallie got a new apron in the mail from Grandma Tricia, she was so excited to try it on, of course she thinks you ONLY wear the apron-- and there is NO changing her mind!!! All ready to make Halloween cookies...

Reese seized the opportunity to snatch up the spring one!! She thought she was hot stuff, and wore this until bed!

Miss Hallie is a scrapbooker in the making!! {Big Grin!!} She made this thank you card for Grandma Tricia, which is normal... but then before mailing it off she took it in the other room and took a bunch of pictures of it!! :) Where does she get that?? hehe She even zoomed in on the details!! {Loving it!!}

Here are some of my latest creations.... (and a couple older ones that made this slide show for a contest submission) I entered the October Afternoon Designer Contest. It is a brand new company with the CUTEST line! We saw them at CHA and fell in love! Won't hear anything for a while, but will let you know if anything comes of it. You can check out their website. October Afternoon. I also added a page I made of my dad and I and another fun one for Reese!

Reese's big thing lately is going into Hallie's room getting underwear out of her drawer (thankfully not the basket!!) and wearing it around the house on her head!! Kinda cute, but will definitely regret this later in life when I scrapbook this in high school!!

On Saturday I worked at the store and taught my class. It was LOTS of fun! The ladies were talkative, funny, and great to teach! (Thank you guys!!) Saturday night was the annual Silvis Moonlight Parade-- followed by fireworks. We will absolutely go again next year!! It was like a normal parade, only everything had lights and glow sticks and everything! The firetrucks were lit up really neat, there were a couple great floats, and the high school band really got into it! They all had at least 20 glow things on themselves and their instruments. The flag girls' poles were lit up!! (very neat) Also, in addition to TONS of candy... the girls got lots of glow bracelets and necklaces and stuff. Fun times!!

Sunday was another busy day for us! I of course save everything until the last minute, so Hallie and I had some errands to run, then we were off to Blessed Beginnings Preschool for the final orientation. Hallie had a lot of fun and met some new friends. She says she is still "a little nervous", but hopefully she will love it!! Then we were off to Alissa's baby shower! It was a fabulous shower! I would have to say I think the best I have ever been to! :) The food and decorations were over the top! :) Great sundae bar and everything!! Hallie took lots of pictures. As we were getting ready to leave Hallie said, "I don't want to leave yet, I want to wait for the baby to come out!" -- That would be a long wait... October 16th.

Today, Princess Hallie (self proclaimed for the day)decided she wanted to have a picnic in our kitchen for lunch. I agreed, since the floor needed mopping anyway. It turned out to be quite fun-- and Hostess Hallie did a wonderful job.

Okay, so I know that was a lot, but just wanted to share with you all the things that happen during the week that don't make the blog. Have a fun week! (Last week of summer vacation!!) I can almost smell that crisp autumn air and warm spiced cider candle burning!mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

4 friends had to say...:

tricia said...

Hallie knows how to pack a pretty good lunch. Way to go, Hallie!!

jodi said...

My list that I can remember!

1. Peanut Butter and Cheese huh?? We'll have to ry that one...or maybe not! :-)

2. What a fun NIGHT PARADE!!! Never been to one of those before--and Ryan even got to go!!!

3. I love baby showers---an ice cream bar?! We'll have to remember that one for next time we throw one!

4. Love the underwear on the head...that will be a fun to to show the boyfriend in 20 years!

Amy said...

Hallie's PB & C --- well, atleast the girl is creative!!! Who knows - maybe it will take off with other kids?!

Reese - that is too cute getting her big sister's undies - maybe she'll be a lingerie model later in life and you can show the pix so there's proof she started her modeling career early in life!

The parage looks like a lot of fun! I bet it was neat at night with all of the fun lights on the floats.

Looks like you had a niceweek!

Sara said...

Wow - the parade looks like it was really cool! Love the picnic! The aprons look neat too! What a fun gift.