Friday, August 3, 2007

Rivers, museums, parks, dogs and more....

This morning we headed off to Dubuque, Iowa to meet Becky, Levi & Patty. Our first stop was the Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium. I have to admit I wasn't excited about it... but to my suprise it was nice. We had a great time seeing HUGE catfish, alligators, sting rays, and lots of other fish and wild life that live in the Mississippi River (not just in IA and IL). They also had boats to tour, a train museum, and and lots more! Never thought I would say this... but we might have to go back :)

Next stop was the park. We went and let the kids play to burn off some energy. They had fun playing pirates in the boat like playground. We even caught the ice cream man for a little treat. We finished up the park with a picnic (in the back end of Patty's SUV).

Finally, our night came to an end with the Dog Races. Hallie has been asking to go to dog races all summer! A lady down the street has 5 greyhounds that she walks everyday... so Hallie got the idea to go to the races :) It was lots of fun to watch.

Thanks for the fun day guys! We'll have to meet again!

2 friends had to say...:

Sara said...

Looks like you had a fun day! Those fish are huge!!
BTW - I like the new layout for your blog. It looks really neat!

Kim Garner said...

Where was the park located from the museum? I think we are set to head up there next Thursday...looks like you had lots of fun.