Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fall fun, parades, LOTS of scrapbooking & more!!!

I don't even know where to start this time. It has been 10 days, yes, 10 days (thanks Christi for the reminder!!-hehe) I can't even tell you how much I have cut, glued and STAMPED this past 10 days! I have been working on a "Top Secret" project (can't tell all you Scrapaganza girls yet!) Some of you family and friends know what I am up to, so don't comment on it, it is a secret around the QCA!! But just to give ya an idea... I have done 9 layouts, 4 cards, and a project/minibook! But it is done and turned in and I can BREATHE!!!!!!!! But, of course that wouldn't be enough to keep me busy, I had to pack as much as I can into my life! Hallie and Reese were in the Vanderveer Park Fall festival Doll and Buggy Parade. This is a parade that they have been doing every fall since the late 20's. Hallie was a farmer, her dolls were a carrot, potato, and corn. Reese was Little Bo Peep and her baby a sheep. They tied for Second Place!! Congrats girls!! (next year is Hallie's year!!-- last time she got third, this time second, so what could be next??) They even got to meet a super sweet lady who had won the doll buggy parade in the late 20's!! I hope my girls remember their parades with as much happiness as she did!Grandpa and Grandma Ladwig came to visit this weekend to watch them. Hallie also participated in the fishing derby and had a great time with that! She caught three, but one jumped off the shore back in before getting measured. I think she would have just as much fun with a bucket of worms and a few fish to touch!! But none the less, a great time fishing with Papa. We also visited the petting zoo at the festival. Of course Hallie was in heaven! (and looked too cute in her farmer outfit playing with the animals!) Today, Sunday, Hallie made a great tea party for all of us! She made hot cocoa (she calls hot coke-ee) and fresh baked choc. chip cookies! She set the table and seated each and every one of us. She said, "This is the best tea party ever!" And I think we all agree ;) Pippi Longstocking has also joined our household!! Hallie is hooked!!! She has been watching the movies day in and day out. Acting like she is Pippi or playing with her Pippi doll all week! Okay, so now for all the pictures!!! (you can click on the pictures to view them larger, I inserted them in small because we have so many!)
We want to wish Papa Ron a Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for coming to visit us!! Hope you had as much fun with us as we did with you ;)

Here is Pippi:
(with Monkey, Mr. Neilson & horse, Alphonzo)
(this is one of four movies we got!... this is Hallie's favorite, and I have to admit it is a pretty cute movie!)
Okay, the rest I am putting in a slideshow...
First show, a hodge podge... here are all the things we have been up to (minus the secret scrapbook projects!!)

Second, here is the Fall Festival...

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tricia said...

We had a great time!! Thanks for everything--the tea party was special and you did so well in the parade, girls!!

Sara said...

Wow - what fun! I love both slides. The parade costumes are so cute! Can't wait to hear more about the scrapbooking stuff.

The Lansinks said... is about time we see a new blog! JUST KIDDING!!! I know you have been sooo bucy, good to hear you got your projects done and now you can breathe again!!!

Here is my list:

1. The outifits are adorable!! I say this all the time, but you are so creative....what good memories they will have!!!!! What a good mommy you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. I am going to get Pippy----if Hallie loves it, maybe Ellie will too! I know I did as a kid!

3. Looks like a fun fun weekend! Can't wait to see 1st place outfits next year!!!!

Kim said...

You made these costumes AND did all the items for the super secret are amazing!

The Ladwig's said...

Looks like so much fun...... I'm jelous of how creative you are!! I looked up the pippi movies yesterday, I'll have to order.

The Hamann's said...

How FUN!!! I have to agree with everyone... you are SO CREATIVE!!! UNBELIEVABLE! You're girls are so cute!