Sunday, September 30, 2007

If there's a parade.... we're there!!

Even if it means we have to go to U of I!! :) Just kidding! We had a great time with Jessie and her friend Melonie at Iowa's homecoming! First, we went out to eat at HuHot!! (aka- The Noodle Store) Then we stopped off at Coldstone (aka- the ice cream store) on our way to Scheel's to pick up some "game gear"! (you know we didn't have any hawkeyes at our house!) And of course Jessie was awesome enough to watch the girls while I made my trip to Reminisce (aka- the sticker store) All of the akas are what Hallie calls things!! She has a name for every place we go I have come to realize. :) And sadly, I know exactly where she is talking about! Anyway, so we finally made it to the parade. IT WAS PACKED!! I never knew there were so many Hawkeye Fans! (hehe, Jess) It was really a great parade! The New Superman was the guest of honor, even though Hallie thought Clifford was!! Enjoy the pictures. (Jess have your shoulders recovered???)

4 friends had to say...:

The Lansinks said...

You and your parades!!!!! HOW FUN!!!! You just wait-------you are in for a treat this week for the BCIG HOMECOMING PARADE!!!!!!! WWWWAAAAAWWWWHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Nothing tops it!

Katie Hupke said...

Hey if you guys ever go to another Hawkeye game in Iowa City, give me a call - I have season tickets and go to all the games! I would love to meet the girls although it feels like I know them from the blog already - And by the way, Candi - your hair is awesome! I am too much of a wimp to cut mine... Anyway, if you are around, feel free to call - I think Ryan has my number.

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