Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Check up time!

Hallie and Reese had their check ups today! I LOVE their doctor!! (Dr. Neptune in Moline) First, he would check Hallie's ears, then Tinkerbell (the puppy), then Reese. Then onto their heartbeats... Hallie, dog, Reese. He's the best. Both girls were actually having fun during the visit!

Hallie had her four year check up and was healthy as can be! She is 47 pounds (97%) and 41.25 inches (87%)!!

Reese had her 18 month check up and also was healthy! She is 23 pounds (41%) and 31.25 inches (38%)!!
They both had shots :(

Here is my Hallie story for the day...
So last time Reese had to get shots she get her first one and didn't cry. The second one the nurse said "this my burn a little". So this morning I told Hallie that Reese had to get shots today. She said, "The hot kind or the cold kind?"

Seriously. Note to self: GET A NOTEBOOK!! I really need to write all these things down!

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