Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Coloring Eggs

We had lots of fun "coloring eggs"!! I made 18... by the time I got the cups ready Hallie & Reese had already eatten 6!! A day later... we had 3 left! They love eggs, but not the "cheese" in the middle (as Hallie says)

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Jodi Lansink said...

Fun Fun! We are doing that tomorrow!

Reese needs her new BOW on when she is wearing that jersey!!!! :) Why don't our babies have any hair?!?!?! She is a little ham huh--always has a pose!!! And of course Hallie is cute as always! Lori's screen on your wall---what a good idea to put it INSIDE!!!!!


Carmel said...

CUte Cute Cute

tricia said...

What a fun time--I wondered if any one would be doing that activity when I saw the different kits in the stores--it brings back memories!

Sara said...

So cute! I love the part about the "cheese". This morning when we were coloring eggs, one broke right away, so I cut it up for the kids to eat. Allyson made a comment about "cheese" in the middle? Must be a kid thing?