Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A little of everything...

We have been SUPER busy since my last post!! Here's the lowdown... (pictures are small since there are so many, just click on them to see larger)

Friday- Hallie had her recital rehearsal. (enjoy the videos!! The first is her dance and the second is the finale!! They are so dang cute!!) Afterwards Levi & Hallie had "Daddy Dates" and went to the movies (and Papa Ron). My mom, Tricia, Reese, Becky, Jessie {our refugee from flooded Iowa City) & I went out to dinner.

Saturday- I had to work {taught a class and club} As I was getting off work we were greeted by an AMAZING double rainbow. (I think it was one of the brightest I have ever seen) When I got home Ryan and Ron grilled up FABULOUS steaks while the "ladies" made yummy sides. We ended the night, into the wee hours of the morning playing WII !!

Sunday- {Happy Father's Day!} After brunch we all got ready for Hallie's "big show"! She looked adorable and was sooooo excited to get to dance on the big stage! {not nervous a bit!} She did a great job. After her daddy greeted her flowers. We celebrated her big day and Father's day at the Japanese Steakhouse for supper.

Here is the canvas I made for Ryan for Father's Day {he hung it on the wall right away!}

**Update on my evacuated sister**
She is still not allowed into her apartment (obviously, since the first story of her apt. place is under water!!) But she had to go back to Iowa City (since I-80 reopened) to work. She is staying with a friend. She will keep me posted... it just blows my mind that Coralville/Iowa City will never be the same! They said many businesses will never reopen (Reminisce!!- so sad) and others will take months.

5 friends had to say...:

Kim said...

That canvas is beautiful...love the poem. Hallie looks darling for her dance recital! WOW!
It looks like it was an amazing show.
We need to get together as soon as I get back in town on Monday.
Whatcha' got goin' on???

tricia said...

Hallie did a fabulous job and looked so sweet! Thanks for a great time

Jodi Lansink said...

Hallie did a great job-----and love the costumes! CUTE!

Also....LOVE the canvas! I had never read that poem before, sooo cute!!!!

Marion said...

Hallie did really great! It seems like a looong routine for such young kids! She really nailed it!
My son also lives in Iowa City. He had to come and go from his apt. across a train bridge on foot. He lives on the west side of the river and works at Prairie Lights on the east side and couldn't get there for several days!

Hamann Family Blog said...

great pictures!!! I love getting to read your updates, you guys always have so much fun!!!