Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I have an excuse...

So here are all the reasons why I have been too busy to blog:

1. Reese is back home and back to her usual activities :) She's not back to her "old self", but she is sure giving it all she's got! She goes in every other week for an IVIG (transfusion). She has not had any side effects from them, but we are still waiting for the effects to kick in. But above all, she is the strongest little girl I have ever met. She is so proud to announce in her sweet little voice after getting her IV put in "I didn't even cry!" "Hallie cried more when she skinned her knee!" :) "Can I have a prize now?" She is still the queen of one liners. In fact, she is starting to critique the nurses!! She told the nurse who did her IV "That was good, the other nurse didn't do a very good job" ;) {referring to the nurse who stuck her several times before finding blood} Thank you for all of your continued support.

2. We have met new friends (Meeko & "the dog mom" as my girls say, Lindsay)

3. Attended a baseball game. These two boys have turned from friend status to "Brother" status. Hallie refers to them as her brothers, since she didn't get any :) Hey, I'm good with that kind of brother. And these two boys are the best!

4. Parades. Reese was in the Johnston parade and Hallie and Reese are going to be in several more this summer.
5. Zoo trips. We love the zoo and seeing all the animals.

6. Trips to Adventureland. These girls aren't afraid of anything! One of their favorites is the Gallion. (the big ship that goes back and forth) If Reese was taller she would be on all of the rides! I hang with Piper and Hallie and Reese ride most of the rides. It is nice because there are never lines, and they ask the girls if they just want to stay on to ride again! So fun!

7. Personalized vinyl. I have been busy working on vinyl orders. Some have been a lot of fun.... some have been a lot of work... ugg!

8. Scrapaganza Crop! I was excited when they asked me to design and print their shirts and bags for the event... cuz I knew I'd get to go :) It is an amazing crop and I was excited to see old friends and make new!! Just wish I actually got to scrap!

See??? I've been busy!! :) And July doesn't look to lighten up on fun! But summer will soon come to an end... Hallie starts back in only 28 days :(

4 friends had to say...:

Jodi Lansink said...

SO GLAD YOU UPDATED!!! I was missing ya! :) You have been busy---but that's what summer is all about!!!

We should try to get together!!

tricia said...
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tricia said...

Date night with Daddy, zoos, amusement parks, ballgames, and even a couple nights at Papa's house to see Clancy, what a great way to spend the month of June!

Amy Walter said...

Wow you have been busy! But like Jodi said - that's what Summer is all about! I can't believe how fast it's going! Keep the posts coming! :-)