Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just a few more things...

Hallie's last day of school... Kindergarten was great!
Little story:
Someone asked Hallie: What grade are you in?
Hallie: {thinks for a second} Ummmm, almost 6th.
Me: {I laugh} Almost 6th, but still in Kindergarten
Hallie: {totally embarrassed nudges me} Why did you tell them? :)

She is ready to be a first grader!!
Teacher gifts: A mason jar + pink lemonade + bright yellow lemon + free download tag= CUTE!!
{Check out Jessica at pen n' paper flowers}
The tag says: Nothing says summer like lemonade & sunshine. we hope you enjoy a lot of both!
Jessica has the BEST party ideas...
Both sisters fell asleep on my lap while waiting for Hallie's assembly to get over :)

Pedicures and manicures :) Piper even joined in the fun. She was quite the diva!!

Reese's last day of school:
She had great teachers this year :) She loves them, and is missing them over the summer!
Family picnic... daddy and piper playing
Reesey's best friend Delaney

5 friends had to say...:

Jodi Lansink said...

Loving all the posts!!! Your girls are all too cute---and Hallie cracks me uo---a 6th grader?!?! HAHA!!

tricia said...

The picture of Reese and Piper asleep on your lap is priceless!

Amy Walter said...

Love the mason jar idea! Soooo stealing that! I need to start writing this stuff down - you always have really neat and unique ideas!!!

Hallie - so cute that she said 6th grade! Funny how when you are little, you want to be big and the minute you are big, you want to be little.... ahhh - the grass is always greener :-)

Love the posts - keep 'em up!

jess @ pen n' paperflowers said...

Awww...just saw your picture of the mason jar with the lemons! I'd LOVE to share it on my FB page! They turned out ADORABLE!! and thanks for the mention!!

How's the walking going? Getting ready to post the next challenge...

The Hamann Family said...

love the teacher gift!! :) SO CUTE! My FAVORITE pic -- the girls sleeping on your lap! - - so cute! 'ALMOST 6th grade' cracks me up!! Only Hallie! :)GREAT pics!!