Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th

We had a great weekend. Even with the rain it was fun :) My mom was in town and Ryan's parents came down for a day of celebration, too!

Mom and I got up bright and early and ran the Urbandale 5K!! This was my first race... and it went great. My goal was no walking... and I didn't :) Yipee! My time was 37:21. Obviously no world speed record, but I felt good about it for my first time!

As soon as we got home we got the girls ready and we all headed to the parade!
Hallie was in it for Apex...
Reese was in it for MidIowa Gymnastics.

Piper was all about the candy and watching everyone go by and waving!!

We had a yummy BBQ lunch...

And headed out to the pool!

I hadn't gotten any pics of the girls in their 4th outfits, so we took them to take some pics. {too late in a busy day... they were tired and not cooperating... oh well... home for more fun!}

This picture is great to me... it shows their personalities so well. Hallie is all about adventure, hopped right into the fountain, Piper does anything her sister does... and Reese stays back and watches... it was the perfect picture of them right now...

And we ended the night at the Ladwigs Drive-In :) I am so excited to get to watch movies outside!! I have wanted one of these for years (literally) So the first night we watched Twilight on the smaller screen.... for the second night Ryan and Ron built us a BIG SCREEN!! :) We watched Alice in Wonderland!

...and that was all on the 3rd!!!

The 4th rained, we stayed inside most of the day and ended the night at the movies... Eclipse. So good!!

Tonight (the 5th) is supposed to be the rain date for the Fireworks... but we are having a downpour as I blog! Not sure we will do fireworks this year... but celebrated the 4th in style none the less!

3 friends had to say...:

Jodi Lansink said...

Fun weekend---and AWESOME job on the race!!!! Who cares on the time----you finished, that is all the matters!! Too bad it rained there----we had sunny skies in South Dakota!!

Amy Walter said...

Sounds like it was a great weekend! CONGRATS on the race! That is really great - I'm impressed that you didn't walk and that you finished!!! You should feel very proud of yourself!!!

The Hamann Family said...

Great job on the race!! :) Love all of the pics! Looks like a great 4th for the Ladwig family!! Love the girls' outfits!!