Wednesday, July 28, 2010


That's the number of pictures I have taken since my last blog entry... sad, yes I know! I will do my best to summarize our fun & memories for you.
*Zoo Trip*
This time the girls got a chance to do some unique things, like ride a camel & feed a giraffe.

Reese is still getting IVIG treatments. She goes every 2 weeks. We still have not seen any improvements from these. We are also trying out a sleep aid. It is not helping her sleep through the night, she is still waking up SEVERAL times throughout the night. They talked about starting a day time medication to stimulate her during the day so she is not so tired during awake time, however, just before issuing the prescription they decided to schedule an EKG prior to starting... we are going to re discuss the side effects and such with her neurologist tomorrow during her IVIG treatment. Here she is with the Des Moines Menace soccer team that stopped for a visit.

I worked for Rusty Pickle setting up their booth & selling in Des Moines at the Creating Keepsakes Convention.
Little did I know a week later I would be doing the same thing in Houston, TX :) But it was fun! I met some new friends and was happy to get the opportunity.

*Science Center Fun*
Michele and her boys joined us for a day at the museum :)

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Jodi Lansink said...

Funny thing is...I was just stopping by your blog to give you crap about not posting---and what do I find? A POST! HA!!

Seriously, I feel so out of touch with you!! I know you are busy---but keep the posts coming will ya! JK!

Great pictures, looks like you are having a fun summer, and still praying for Reese---I think of her everytime I get in my car and see her necklace hanging from my mirror! We need to get together soon!!! :)

Amy Walter said...

Love that you posted! I was surprised to see you hadn't for awhile - not like you.... although, totally understandable - you've got a lot going on right now.

Looks like it's been a fun summer for you and busy!

Continued prayers for Reese our way too -- was hoping maybe you would say the treatments have helped some. We will just keep praying for her and hopefully those prayers will start helping soon!

Carmel said...

Thanks for the post, love ya Mom

Carmel said...

Thanks for the post, love ya Mom