Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter 2007

We just got back from our easter adventure... and had a great time. I took too many pictures, so I decided to make a slideshow (below). First, my mom visited for a few days and made cookies with the girls. Then our adventure really began... we picked up Jess in Iowa City- making it a FULL car! Bentley was at my feet in the front seat.-- he played "fetch" for about 45 mins. He would pick up the toy, I would drop it back on the floor and so on and so on! Whatever keeps him busy! We made it to Ida Grove and dropped Bentley off to play with Chase (Ron and Tricia's dog) for the weekend. Then our final desination was my dad and Mary's house at about 11:45pm! On Friday we colored eggs and ate at Pizza Ranch for supper. Just had a fun day hanging out with each other! On Saturday was the egg hunt. It was 29 degrees and super windy. Hallie took her hands out of her pockets long enough for one egg and she was done! BRRR! Broc and Sara and their kids came over for lunch and egg hunt at dad's. Sunday we woke up to go to church, went to church (found out service started earlier than normal), missed church, came back home visited a bit more and started our journey back the other way. Along the way we stopped at Ron and Tricia's celebrated a mini-Easter and made it back home around midnight. We checked out what the Easter Bunny had brought the next day. Hope that explains most of the pictures.... enjoy the show!

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