Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy Birthday, Allivia!!

Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!

Allivia is 5!! (Allivia is my cousin Jenni's little girl) This weekend we traveled over to Des Moines for Allivia's birthday party at Triad Gymnastics.

Our road trips get a little long-- so here is Reese balancing things on her head for entertainment :)

...and Hallie practicing making different faces.

After the party we hung out at Keri & Jimmy's and then met most of the Bolles family for supper at Joe's Crab Shack. We had a great time-- thanks for inviting us! Here's the slideshow...

After Joe's we headed over to Ross & Christi's to visit. We had so much fun we decided to stay and have a slumber party, as the girls called it! Here's a little slide show of the cousins. (taken in the morning-- so some of the pics are really beautiful!!) We had fun taking silly pictures of each other! See you guys next weekend. We'd like to make reservations for four Saturday night, please :)

And that is it... there is our weekend.
I should also include a little Ann'y wish for Dad and Mary (their ann'y is the 24th as well)

It was also Grandma Mildred's birthday....
so lots of special people to think of on April 24th!!

Enjoy the day!

6 friends had to say...:

The Lansinks said...

WOW!!!! Lots of pics! Looks like lots of fun, can we come to a sleepover too?????!!!!!!

Jenni said...

Hey there!!!!!!... Those are GREAT pictures!!! We did have TONS OF FUN... too bad that doesnt happen EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today she is Officially 5... Way excited!!!!!!!

The Lansinks said...

Me again! I forgot to say...I LOVE YOUR HAIR in that picture with your grandma!!!!


That Ladwig Hotel has accepted your Reservation for Saturday night. Please let us know if you will be checking in early for supper and sleep on Friday.
The pictures of you and my kids are beautiful, we'll have to make sure we get some during the day when the hair isn't so crazy. I also love all the lip gloss Kya has on. It looks like the party was really fun. I'll have to remember that for Kiera some year!

Anonymous said...

mary said"look I finally figured out how to do this " We enjoy your bolg site ! Lots of cute pictures. Allivia is a sure a little doll too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Lansinks said...

Ok...I'll be waiting for some updates!!!!!