Friday, April 20, 2007

Girl's Night Out!!

Okay, this post is pathetic.... NO PICTURES!! Can you believe I spent the whole night with scrapbookers and nobody took a picture?? Still, the night was so fun I had to blog about it! First, I went to "Not Your Ordinary Book Club"... taught by Kim. She is fabulous and we had a fun time! After club Kim, her sister visiting from Utah- Maren and I met our other scrap buddy Lynn at Red Robin for a super fun dinner! Lynn is sooo funny, she kept us very entertained. (what happens at Red Robin, stays at Red Robin) Not to mention all of her show & tell of all the new things she has been busy creating-- did I mention she is absolutely the most creative and "artsy" person I know??? I LOVE all of her stuff!! She needs to publish a book with all of her creations! I am sure it would be a best seller :) Anyway, we all had a great time & I can't wait to get together again!

P.S. Thank you Ryan for babysitting!!

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