Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hundreds of pictures

I have literally taken HUNDREDS of pictures this week for the "A week in the life of..." project. I will post a few in review of our week :)

Preschool, a haircut, play outside

Cheerleading & Gymnastics (6:15pm)
Always running *right on time*!!

New "Word World" movie, Preschool, & Faith Alive

Gymnastics, Thank you treats for friends, Preschool open house, shakes & fries with Lynn!! {who comes with a suitcase of goodies!!}

Preschool, spiders, fall photos

Baked muffins for breakfast, Toddler fest @ library, beautiful day outside, trip to scrapbook store (ran into Scrapaganza friend... bad pic!!), visit animals at the rescue league (left camera in car... duh!), Reese=fever, going to bed early!

7 friends had to say...:

Inirus said...

Wow what a week. Love all the pics. YOu should do that every week :-)

Penny Smith said...

Love your hair! I am growing mine out too...


Hamann Family Blog said...

busy busy busy!!! Lots going on for you guys... I see the move has not changed that! :) hehe! You guys run circles around us! :)
THANK YOU for the YUMMY treats!!! I will be posting a photo of the BEAUTIFUL flowers Hallie brought me and her boyfriend!! hehe... THANK YOU!

Inirus said...

Cute hair cut too

tricia said...

Great pictures of a very busy family!

Jodi Lansink said...

Cute pics----you are very busy!!! Good for you!!! Especially yo have all that energy and 8 months prego!!!! Super Mom!!! :)

I am going to start my "week in the life" tomorrow! I obviously won't scrap it---but I will have it on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Cute hair cut! Girls are growing up so fast!We will see you Thanksgiving 1 Let me know how many to plan for OK.
love nana!