Thursday, October 23, 2008

A little of this, a little of that...

I have all kind of pictures that need posting! I debated on doing lots of posts or one big hodge podge... so here is your hodge podge!

Little Reesey was so tired at supper the other night she scooted the chairs together and took a nap! {she actually stayed sleeping the whole night!}

Happy birthday to Bentley! He is 2!! Maybe the "puppy stage" will start to be over?!?! The girls were excited to celebrate with a new collar, bed and treats!

We had a great trip to the Quad Cities Wednesday and Thursday!! Our first stop was the Garner's! Hallie and Reese had a great time visiting Ella and Sydnee and Kim and I couldn't get in enough "girl talk time"!! The trip was NOT long enough!!! We'll have to plan an overnight with you or something!
My class at Scrapaganza was a "sell out"!! Thank you to all who came and made the night so fun! Here are Lolly and Marion {with a pumpkin in the middle!!} :)

We stayed the night at Becky's. Thanks so much for watching the girls!! {sorry about the popcorn}
Meet Peter Parker... I mean Levi :)

Hallie thought Levi's rats were so cool! {don't think we'll be getting one anytime soon!!}

We finished our trip stopping in Iowa City to have lunch with Jess!! Can't wait for you to come visit us in November!!

And I'll leave you with a little Happy Halloween from Hallie (left) and Ryan (right)

*Hallie thought of the polka dots all by herself!! She's so creative, makes me smile!!*

...and Miss Reese

5 friends had to say...:

Amy said...

Wow! Look at your cute belly!!! Glad to hear you had such a good turn out!

Love the pictures with Bentley!!!

Reese and Hallie are so cute - love Hallie's pigtails!

Inirus said...

WOW picture overload. Love it love it love it!!!Don't know where to comment first so will just end here.

Jodi Lansink said...

Cute pics!

I can't get over how cute and curly little Reese's hair is---love it!

Very impressed with Miss Hallie's coloring page---you have a future scrapper on your hands!!!

You look adorable with your "pumpkin belly!!!"

Marion said...

I had such a good time at the class. Thanks for making all the effort to come see us again! It was good seeing you.

Anonymous said...

Lots of neat pictures= was happy to see the one of you and Babe #3 you aren't near the size you were with the girls are you? Reese's hair is so cute I love those little pig tails. Hallie where do you get all your nerve to touch Levi's rat. Levi looks like a little scientist in those glasses> See you all later>
Love Nana