Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Duck, duck... goose

We have found a great little park near Hallie's preschool that has HUNDREDS of geese and ducks. We got some old bread and headed out. The girls had a blast! {Hallie got a little nervous as they began crowding her... but Reese was holding out strong! They didn't even make her flinch!}

Of course with another nice day we had to make the trip again... this time we brought a WHOLE loaf of bread! This is going to be our summertime hang out!

2 friends had to say...:

The Hamann Family said...

Thats awesome... we have a small pond in our development that we go to too! The kids LOVE it!!! :) Love all of the pics... and you have WAY more geese than us!! :) We generally only have 1 and occasionally 10 or less!! hehe!

Amy said...

How fun! I remember getting to do that at Cobb Park in IG all of the time as a kid but I don't remember that many geese! That will be a very fun and inexpensive thing to do this Spring/Summer!