Thursday, August 20, 2009

My little Reesey

I had forgotten what it was like to have just 2 girls... with Hallie at school Reese is now the "big helper" and gets to make most of the calls :) We have been having lots of fun & of course staying very busy!!

We went to the state fair last week. We hit up some of the animals, a couple free stage shows, a horse race {those were fast ponies, as Reese would say}, and a few stops in the Varied Industry Building. She got a hat "like Becky", a tattoo "like Jessie", and had her pic with a friend, Clifford!

We have been taking a morning walk, that ends at the park. Her some pictures I took the other day, the many moods of Reese :)

It is so hard to believe she is going to be 3 on Saturday!! She has such a personality... I love it :)

4 friends had to say...:

Carmel said...

We all love Reesey Piecey!! and thanks for sharing the pictures.

Jodi Lansink said...

Yes...she is a doll!!! Love the last picture-----edit that one and do something with it----scrap, hang it up---don't know--but something---it's so cute! :)

Amy said...

I agree with Jodi - I love the last picture!!!!! She sure is cute!

The Hamann Family said...

looks like lots of fun! It's wierd not having your oldest around, huh? Kinda sad :( - - looks like Reese is stepping right up though! :)