Monday, April 5, 2010

A New Day...

Reese was able to get her third IVIG. This afternoon she will be vey tired. If she does not spike a fever or "get sick" we will be able to leave in the morning. We will be stopping by another doctor in Akron tomorrow (an all natural type) to see if he can help her. She does not show any change thus far from the IVIG... But we are hopeful the change is coming!! We will keep you posted on her night.
The plan: in 10 days we will be back at Mayo... If it helped she will get another 3 treatments of IVIG.
If not they will be looking for something different.

4 friends had to say...:

Penny Smith said...

All natural type, huh?? Hope that helps too!
Hand in hand... all pieces of the puzzle!
Still prayin'!
Hope she starts to improve!!

Cute Easter pictures!

Keely said...

i'm glad you are all home together, if only for a few days. i have faith that reese will be back to her old self. i know it's hard but remain positive and hopeful. God bless you all!!

Marion said...

me too, what Penny and Keely said! love you.

Amy Walter said...

Still praying!