Friday, April 2, 2010

Princess Reese Will Be Home For Easter!

Mom all suited up for Reese's lumbar puncture {spinal tap}
Wake up peanut pie :)

Yesterday was a very busy day! Spinal tap in the morning, appt with doctor at 1 and the IVIG at 1:30. The IVIG lasts 3+ hours. So after the first 2.5 hours Reese was DONE!! When they came in to speed up the flow (every half hour they double the flow speed) she started crying... this turned into a screaming cry... She cried for a half hour, they called the dr and they were told to stop for the day. So today they will try to give her a little extra to make up for the last 1/4 bottle. The plan: today she will have a dose plus extra, tomorrow she will have a dose and then go home :) Hopefully we will start to see improvement over the next few days (but could be 10) Meet with dr in 10-14 days. If working go through another 3 treatments. If it's not working we will discuss our next plan... But we are praying this is our final answer! So here is to a good injection day to keep us ontrack to be home for Easter!! {Candi}

I spoke to Candi this evening, and she said that Reese also has had a 24 hr. urine test. Reese will have the 3rd IVIG treatment tomorrow and if the urine test is good....then they will be headed home Saturday night. Please continue to pray for this amazing family and for Reese. {Kim}

4 friends had to say...:

croleyc69 said...

Keeping you all in my prayers but so glad she will be home for easter. :)

Marion said...

It sure looks like you have turned the corner and its great that you all will home soon! Happy Easter and we'll be keeping you in our prayers. love you.

Amy Walter said...

Hoping you made it home for Easter. Continuing to pray for you all!

tricia said...

In a perfect world, Princess Reese and all the other children in the world that aren't feeling well would be safe and sound in their cozy home but in the real world, some little ones spend Easter with their parents and sisters in the Ronald McDonald House in Minnesota. Even though Reesey wasn't home, she was surrounded by her mommy and daddy and her two sisters that love her beyond words. Please keep our "princess" in your prayers!