Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Light At The End of the Tunnel?

Coming back from the CT scan...all tuckered out!

A visit with the Easter Bunny last night
The dr yesterday said he does NOT think it is a sleep issue. He thinks it is an immunodeficiency caused by her H1N1 and or seasonal flu vaccines. His other thought is a stomach/intestine tumor (but he doesn't think this is likely). So the plan:
This morning... She had her CT scan ...of her chest and tummy. Tomorrow morning she will have a third Spinal Tap... This will help determine if it is the immune issue. They are going to start IVIG (a specialized blood transfusion) after the spinal tap to "fix her" if this is finally the solution. {Candi}
We have a few more updates before Wednesday is over! Ryan wrote a few more posts explaining the path the doctors are taking now.

Reese has her 2nd CT scan this morning at 9:15am provided it doesn't get pushed back by an emergency CT scan. This will help eliminate cancer in her chest and stomach as a possibility. Then tomorrow she gets her 3rd Spinal Tap to confirm what the doctor thinks is wrong. An immunodeficiency caused by her H1N1 and seasonal flu shots that she got on January 12th. If that is the cause then she will be started on IVIG infusions to boost and stability her immune system and stop her ataxia(Unsteadiness). Please keep Reese in your thoughts and prayers that this is the answer we have been looking for and that Reese starts to become herself again.
Neurosurgeon called and said it's NOT the pineal gland cyst that is causing her problems! Great news!!!! We can eliminate the brain surgery option and focus on the immunodeficiency. Spinal tap tomorrow should confirm the doctors theory.
It's amazing how great people can be in tough times like these. Truly brings a tear to my eye each and everyday I read the postive and helpful comments from everyone. My family, friends and extended family and friends on FB really help me keep my head up. Thank you everyone.

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Amy Walter said...

I just can't believe how much you guys and poor little Reese have been through. Hopefully this 3rd spinal tap and CT scan will show some answers. What about the mass? Are they not concerned about that anymore?

Thinking and praying for your family!

Ryan said...

The mass is a pineal cyst and 2-4% of ALL people have these with little or no side effects. So the mass is NOT the problem and brain surgery is out of the picture.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the prayers are working and there will be no brain surgery!! Hopefully they will do the blood transfusions and your family will be home soon.

Marion said...

I do so hope it will be over soon. I'm glad she didn't need the brain surgery and now we'll just hope that the CT scans come out negative!!! While the spinals aren't fun, it will be good to rule out some other things and confirm that it is from the H1N1 and seasonal flu shots! It does look like all those prayers are working... she sure got lots of them.

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