Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Princess Reese and her new Crown

Reese's favorite PICU came to see her as she headed down for the EEG. Looks like big sis is keeping Reese happy!
Reese's teacher and friends from school sent her Bear. And Bear even got her head done like Reese's EEG! Ariel is Reese's favorite Disney character and was sent to her by a special friend too. Thank you!
3rd EEG. It looks bad but its not. They just wrap her head so the leads don't come unglued. They are still looking for more definate answers. 3rd MRI with spectrogram scheduled for Friday so keep praying for more answers.

3 friends had to say...:

Alan Henderson said...

Ryan and Candi,
I pray that the two of you will have continued strength for Reese and that God will lead you in the right path as you make decisions on what to do. I pray that God would put his healing hand on her and she will be able to come home as soon as possible. Know that we pray for you daily.

Thebug415 said...

I don't know you guys personally, only from blog hopping. I have been following your story, and praying like crazy for this sweet little Reese. May GOD bless you all through this trial.

Michelle said...

Just heard about your daughter and I'm sending you many prayers tonight. May God and peace be with you.