Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Update with Reese Ladwig

Still waiting for them to come get her for MRI. Scheduled at 8am... Poor thing is so hungry and thirsty!!

Reese didn't go to her MRI until around 2. She will be in for a couple of hours, then waking up in recovery room, then brought back up. Results will be later. We are anxiously waiting for our princess to return!!! (we hate leaving her for tests).

Reese didn't get to eat until about 6:30 pm after she woke up. The MRI didn't start until 2. She made up for missed time though! She drank 22 oz of apple juice and ate 4 chocolate cover apple slices, 2 spears of grapes, sphegetti-o's, cheddar Pringles and some Reese's pieces for desert! So was hungry!!!

Reese's MRI preliminary results have come back. The "mass" has not changed since the last MRI, good news!! However, they are still unable to determine what exactly it is. After the sleep study they found that she is only in REM sleep for about 8% of the time. Also, her legs are kicking 16 times per minute (5 is cause ...for concern). Also while in REM you should be paralyzed... And she is moving and talking. So they have started her on a sleep med tonight.


Had some friends come and visit. It was a good afternoon. We miss home.
Thank you to the Lockards, Cassandra, and Taylar for making the trip up to see Reese. Also, thank you to all of our Apex family who sent your love!! We can't wait to read all the cards!

Sounds like we are headed over to stay the night (until Wednesday) at the Ronald McDonald House. No, they don't know the cause... No, she isn't better... But hoping that getting her out of here and going to feed the ducks and get some fresh air will help everyone.

I feel sick to my stomach... Is it something I ate?? Or the fact we just took Reese from the Mayo Clinic physically worse than the day she was admitted?

Anything that has been sent here to the hospital will be forwarded, anything being sent from here on out can be sent to our house and someone will get it to her. This way things aren't getting lost between the hospital, Ronald McDonald house and home. Thanks again for all of her encouragement. As many of you picked up I am starting to get frustrated and worried sick about Reese. It makes all the difference to log on and know we have so many family members and friends helping us along. (this week she got a card that started out... "you don't know me, but I read about you on the Internet". She doesn't even know us, and took time out of their day to make (A HANDMADE CARD) and send it to her!! Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!!

{These are the posts that Candi made over the weekend on Facebook. Also, if you need an address to mail something to Reese, please email Candi @ candimichelle{at}gmail {dot}com and she will send it to you. -Kim}

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