Saturday, April 10, 2010

This week

Hello all! It's me... Candi :) I am back!! Thank you sooooo much to Kim for updating while we were in the no (bad) internet zone! {She will be back at it this weekend} Our plan for this week is to enjoy being home and wait. We are supposed to see changes from the IVIG in as long as 10-14 days. As I type we are finishing up day 9. We have seen minimal changes. We are thinking her really bad times are starting to be shorter... and she seems to be pretty good about 70% after 9pm until bedtime. We don't know??? We try to sit and ponder things such as what activities she does RIGHT before a bad time, or what did she eat, or what her sleep cycles were... but we just can't find a rhyme or reason for any of it.

Reese has an appointment for this Friday back up at Mayo with her Neurologist. He is going to check her iron and a possible gluten allergy with a blood test. Then if we are seeing the IVIGs working they will give her another three days worth of treatment. If they don't seem to be working we will be exploring other treatments and trying to figure out what the heck is causing it!!

Even at home we feel your love!! We had a friend who I have somewhat lost touch with bring us a warm meal tonight. Reese received a box in the mail today... it was heavy... it was FULL!!! It was a box of hand drawn/ handmade cards from an ENTIRE Elementary school in Illinois. Thank you so much Christine for doing this! You don't know how amazing a box of construction paper cards can make a person feel, until that person is you.

Thank you again for all of the amazing support and prayers. We love you all so much! And even though we are frustrated, angry, or sad these everyday gestures help us through each day!!

4 friends had to say...:

tricia said...

I'm so thankful it's YOU! Don't get me wrong, I think Kim did a great job of updating but, if it's you, then that means you're HOME! That's where I can picture the five of you "cuddled" up on the sofa, watching a girlie flick! I hope God continues to hear our prayers and restore Reesey Piecey back to herself! Love you All!

Christine said...

I'm so glad Reese enjoyed the cards....those kids LOVED making them. I hope being home allows you all to get some much needed time to reconnect as a family and relax.

Patty said...

I am so glad to hear that some improvement is happening. This is the best new ever.

Jodi Lansink said...

Thinking of you all each day and praying for continued healing for Reese!