Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 1- The Junk Drawer

Day one of the 21 day challenge is to clean out and organize your junk drawer. I think I would have won for "junkiest" drawer!! It was bad! Take a look for yourself...

Incase you can't tell how much junk it is, here is a picture of all of it in the box!

Ready???  Here is AFTER:

Here is a list of a FEW things that were in the drawer:
$10.70 in change {mostly pennies and nickels}
12 pencils
31 hairties
9 sets of nail clippers (really??  who even owns that many???)
9 keys-- we could only identify 2
numerous batteries!!

I also cleaned this drawer:

and this cupboard (I need a bin from Target tomorrow to finish this one)

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The Hamann Family said...

you crack me up! Love hearing about all the 'junk' that was in your drawer!!! The # of finger nail clippers is too funny! :)